Route and noise monitoring service

Aircraft routes and data from noise measurement stations are now shown to all. WebTrak service provides detailed information about aircraft location, altitude and type at an approximate distance of 70 km from Helsinki Airport.

The service helps users understand flight route location, aircraft altitude and the impact of wind conditions on the use of runways. Finavia openly provides the public with new, real-time data on air traffic and its impact. For reasons of security, flights are shown with a one-hour delay and the service provides historical data on air traffic for the three previous months.

The tracking system supports Finavia's high-quality noise monitoring. The service registers noise data from nine noise measurement stations near the airport. Data on the routes of all aircraft originates from air traffic control radar. Military, emergency and government flights are not shown.

WebTrak service has been produced by a company called Brüel & Kjaer, which is a leading provider of air craft route and noise systems WebTrak uses data from Finavia’s ANOMS (Airport Noise and Operations Monitoring System) system’s database.