COVID-19 tests at Helsinki Airport

COVID-19 testing activities allow for healthy, safe and smooth travel also during the pandemic. The City of Vantaa together with the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) has efficiently tested international arrivals at Helsinki Airport. Testing is also possible for transfer passengers if the country of destination requires testing at the transfer airport. In addition, the Finentry service has been opened for passengers arriving in Finland to make entry smoother and easier.

Testing passengers arriving in Finland from abroad

Free-of-charge COVID-19 tests have been available for air passengers at Helsinki Airport since August. The health authorities have also tested all passengers on certain planes in a targeted fashion before their entry to Finland.

From 8 January, Helsinki Airport will initiate expanded testing for passengers arriving in Finland from abroad, in which passengers are directed to a free-of-charge COVID-19 test either at the airport or in the Finentry service provided by the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa.

You will find more detailed information on COVID-19 testing on the website of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

The COVID-19 testing activities at Helsinki Airport are provided by the City of Vantaa and the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) in cooperation.

COVID-19 sniffer dogs work hard to detect the virus

The COVID-19 sniffer dogs at Helsinki Airport have attracted a lot of attention around the world. The service is intended for arrivals. If a test result is positive, the passenger will be directed to a health information point maintained by the city of Vantaa, which is located at the airport.

The sniffer dogs are present at the testing point on business days. The City of Vantaa is responsible for the COVID-19 sniffer dog operations carried out by Wise Nose Academy.

COVID-19 tests before boarding connecting flights

COVID-19 testing at Helsinki Airport is also possible before boarding a connecting flight in case the authorities of the country of destination require a negative test result from the transfer airport in addition to the departure country. Airlines are responsible for the testing activities of transfer passengers, so passengers should contact their airline.

For example, since 7 November 2020, China has required the testing of passengers arriving in the country both in the country of departure and at any possible transfer airports. As a result, testing of passengers continuing on flights to China is possible at Helsinki Airport through airlines. Read more about the testing requirements for transfer passengers heading to China on the website of the Chinese Embassy.

When travelling abroad from Finland

Individual countries may change their entry requirements and restrictions, even at very short notice. Before arriving at the airport, make sure you are aware of all instructions provided by the authorities of the country of destination to ensure that you have all the required travel documents (for example a certificate of a negative Covid-19 test result in a language as specified by the country of destination).

According to information available in the press, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland recommends that all passengers travelling abroad should have a certificate of a negative COVID-19 test with them at all times.

If you need a paper copy of your certificate of a negative Covid-19 test result, please print it before arriving at the airport.

Aava travel clinic operating at Helsinki Airport’s gate area provides COVID-19 tests. There are also other private sector service providers active in the vicinity of the airport that provide COVID-19 testing services.

Rapid Antigen testing at Helsinki Airport

The Netherlands requirement of the Rapid Antigen test starts on 23 January when a Rapid Antigen test (taken max. 4 hours before the flight) is required in addition to a PCR test. There is a Rapid Antigen testing station at Helsinki Airport for passengers going to the Netherlands. The station is in terminal 2, next to arrivals hall 2A. The testing service is operated by Aava Medical Center. The Rapid Antigen test costs 179e. The price includes a certificate (price information: 22 Jan, 2021).

Important information about travelling during the COVID-19 pandemic