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Passengers from all countries can enter Finland without COVID-19 restrictions effective from 1 July

Article published
30.6.2022 at 14:15
Matkustaja katsoo puhelinta lentotietotaulun edessä.
The temporary provisions of the Communicable Diseases Act will cease to be effective on 30 June 2022, and the entry restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will be lifted. Travellers can enter Finland in accordance with the normal entry requirements effective from 1 July.

Passengers entering Finland will no longer be required to present certificates of COVID-19 vaccination or tests, and COVID-19 tests will no longer be conducted at border crossing points.

For passengers arriving from outside the EU and the Schengen area, the Finnish Border Guard will inspect the usual travel documents – i.e. passports and, if necessary, visas – as before. More information on passport control is available on our website.

The entry restrictions concerning EU and Schengen countries were lifted at the beginning of 2022. Restrictions concerning third countries are now being lifted as well.

Air traffic is recovering to its previous level

Air traffic at Finavia’s airports has recovered briskly during the spring and early summer. Airlines have resumed flights to previous destinations and launched new connections.

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