Pack correctly: consumer electronics and mobile devices

Power banks, i.e. backup power sources for mobile phones and laptops, are welcome on board in hand baggage.

They should not be transported in the cargo hold, as incorrectly packed batteries are a fire hazard.

If you pack any backup power sources in a checked suitcase or backpack, they will have to be removed from your baggage. The confiscated goods will be stored for a few weeks and you can arrange to collect them from the airport. You will find the instructions on your suitcase.

You can also take cameras, headphones, tablets, mobile phones and laptops into the cabin. Information about their use during the flight will be provided on board. However, if you decide to have your devices transported in the cargo hold, please remember to turn them off.

Check the energy content of batteries

The energy content of an individual battery may not exceed 100 Wh. If the energy content is 100–160 Wh, please ask the carrier for permission to transport the battery prior to departure. Even with permission, you may not carry more than two batteries.