Get a smooth start with skiing equipment

Your flight to the northern snows or Central European skiing centres will be fast and comfortable, if you review the following checklist. We have created it particularly with ski passengers in mind.

When taking a domestic flight, please check from your airline in advance that there is room for your skis on board. The cargo hold of the smallest aircraft types does not always have enough space for special items.

How to pack skiing, snowboarding and downhill skiing equipment

Do not pack ski wax removers, fluorine-containing ski wax, heaters or lock antifreeze. They are not allowed onboard. Please also check your ski bags for these items.

Pack skis and boards in appropriate transport bags. Remove all old tags and loose ends. Tie straps and other cords together to prevent them from getting stuck in the baggage conveyors.

Please notify that you will have an avalanche rescue backpack when you book your flight or, at the latest, at check-in, as you will need permission of the airline to carry it.

  • Keep the backpack and the cartridges together. You can either carry them onboard or as checked baggage.
  • The airbags in the rescue pack must be fitted with pressure relief valves.

You can find instructions on how to pack camping stoves, matches and knives on the checklist for hikers.

Security check instructions

Check which items you are allowed carry