• International passengers may make affordable purchases at all airport shops. When travelling to a destination outside the EU or the Canary Islands or Aland Islands, alcohol and cigarette purchases are duty free.
  • Domestic passengers may also make purchases at airport shops, except for the duty free shops that sell alcohol and cigarettes, as well as other tax free specialty shops.
  • Arriving passengers also have the right to make purchases at airport shops in the terminal, except for the duty free shops that sell alcohol and cigarettes, as well as the other tax free specialty shops. Arriving passengers also have access to shops located in the baggage claim area.
  • All passengers and people picking them up and seeing them off can use the shops and other service points located in the areas before the security control.

Tax free shops ( tax free prices for alcohol and cigarettes, non-EU price): International flights outside EU, International flights to Canary Island, Domestic flights to and from Aland

Tax free shops (EU price for alcohol and cigarettes): International flights within EU

Rest of the shops, all restaurants, cafes and services after security control: All international flights, All domestic flights, All arriving flights

Shops, restaurants, cafes and services before security control: All passengers and airport visitors

Products purchased at the airport may be taken to the cabin

Cosmetics, fragrances and products containing alcohol purchased after the security control can be taken on board as hand baggage.

If you have a connecting flight, present all your boarding passes to the cashier. The shops at Helsinki Airport will pack liquid purchases in accordance with EU regulations.

If you have a connecting flight outside the EU, check in advance with your airline the policy regarding liquids in that country. The liquid regulations may differ from the ones in the EU.