A little more fun

When it’s done right, a family trip is the best kind of trip. Travelling with children can be easy, rewarding and fun when you take some time to prepare for your trip!

Little Airport map

The fun begins at the airport.

Download or pick up a printed Little Airport map and let the little ones be your guide.


When you spot Lenni, our winged friend, at the airport, you are one step closer to where you’re going. Lenni roams the airport helping families find all the services provided for our little travellers, like the Family Gate.

Helsinki Airport mobile application

The Helsinki Airport mobile application can be a big help when you’re travelling with little ones. It’s a good idea to download it in advance so you can plan your visit to the airport and make sure everyone has a good time. Big things for the little & bigger ones:

  • All your flight information conveniently on your phone
  • Reserve parking in advance and drive to the airport in the comfort of your own car
  • Pre-order gifts and souvenirs and use the extra time for family fun
  • Pre-book some snacks to go and avoid hunger tantrums

A parking space that’s a little bigger

The airport’s secure parking spaces are big enough for family cars. They’re also conveniently located close to the terminals so even the heaviest pieces of luggage can be easily transported to the check-in point. Learn more.

You can reserve parking in advance by using the Helsinki Airport mobile app or online at finavia.fi.


For check-in, follow the procedures of the airline you are travelling with. Many airlines offer the option of checking in online or the use of an automated check-in point at the airport.

These time-saving options are also useful when travelling with children. Check-in machines, conveniently located in each hall of the terminal, are easy to use and we’ll be more than happy to help you get started!


Packing becomes an art form when you’re travelling with children. There are many different styles, but most of us have a tendency to over pack. Seasoned travellers recommend separating the contents of your suitcase into smaller, tightly packed sections. Pack everything in resealable plastic bags so you can squeeze out any excess air.Let the little ones participate in packing from an early age. School-aged children are old enough to make a list of what they need to pack and you can then help them make sure they‘ve thought of everything.

Don’t forget to pack books, games or any other items that help your little one stay entertained during the flight and while waiting at the airport. You can also buy books and games in many of the shops at the airport or use the free book swapping service located near gate 31.

Pushchairs and prams

Each airline has their own procedures regarding pushchairs and prams. If you are unsure about how to pack yours, the personnel at the check-in point will be glad to help.

Pushchairs and prams that will be carried as luggage need to be covered by a protective bag. If your airline doesn’t provide a bag, you can rent or buy from Airpro Travel Services at Helsinki Airport.

If you need to check in your pushchair, your little one can use one of the pushchairs provided by Helsinki Airport.

Little Airport Family Gate

Little travellers and their families are welcome to go through security control at the Family Gate, where personnel are accustomed to dealing with children and can help you with your questions.

It’s a good idea to tell your little ones in advance that toys and stuffed animals will also get to go through security control.

You will be able to bring baby food on board the flight, but remember to take it out of your carry-on bag and show it to the security officer. It’s okay to bring enough food and beverages to keep your little one comfortable through the flight.

Food for little ones at the airport

Airport restaurants offer smaller portions for little ones in flavours that children prefer.

  • You can pre-order take-out snacks from coffee shops using the Helsinki Airport mobile application
  • All restaurants and coffee shops offer the use of a microwave to heat up a bottle or baby food

Play areas

Our Kids’ lounge by Reima play areas can be found in the following locations:

In the Schengen area:

  • At gate 16
  • Between gates 20 a and b
  • Between gates 30 and 31

In the non-Schengen area:

  • At gate 38


A visit to the airport wouldn’t be complete without some planespotting. Huge picture windows at Helsinki Airport offer the perfect vantage point for little ones to see planes landing and taking off.

Our favourite planespotting venue is the upper level of restaurant Pier Zero, where you can eat well and watch an Airbus A350 rise to the skies.

Free Wi-Fi

Helsinki Airport offers easy access to Wi-Fi for passengers of all sizes at no cost.

Baby care facilities

Each group of toilets at Helsinki Airport has either a separate baby changing room or at least a baby changing station.  Most accessible toilets also have a baby changing area.

Children’s passports

According to new regulations regarding passports, each child must have his/her own passport.

Storing winter jackets during your trip

If you are headed for somewhere warm and don’t want to bring your warm jacket with you, Airpro Travel Service will store your winter gear while you’re away.

Souvenirs from Finland

Souvenirs are always a pleasant surprise. If you’re looking for something distinctly Finnish to take with you, the Arctic World of Santa Claus gift shop carries a range of unconventional Finnish design pieces that fit the bill perfectly. It’s also a great place to lose yourself in the magical world of Santa Claus for a few moments.