How do I get back the items taken from me?

Packing your bags correctly at home is important. Pack your bags yourself and use the search service on our website if necessary.

Check our website to see what items may be carried in hand baggage or checked baggage and what items are prohibited on flights.

If there are items or substances that are prohibited on flights in your hand baggage, you may be required to hand them over to a security officer for disposal.

If prohibited items are found in your checked baggage, they will be removed. Confiscated items will be stored at the airport for a few weeks.

Storage points’ policies are airport-specific, and some service providers charge a fee for storage. If items are removed from your baggage, they will be replaced with instructions on how to get back your items.

If you do not pick up the confiscated items: After the storage period, all items confiscated at Finavia airports during security control will be destroyed, recycled or donated to charity.