Aukio is located in the Non-Schengen area in the heart of the terminal and serves as an oasis where passengers can wind down and experience Finnish nature. The unique curved 360° LED screen, soundscape and interactive wall projections take visitors on a journey through Finland’s nature and its four seasons. The landscapes change every 10 minutes and include a nightless night on a lake shore as well as a northern winter wonderland lit up by the Northern Lights. The speakers play nature sounds such as birdsong, the rippling of a stream and the whispering of the wind. The interactive screen lets visitors create art using, for example, snowflakes, the Northern Lights and autumn leaves.

Aukio is a place where passengers can relax and enjoy a natural atmosphere. The seats have electrical outlets for recharging electronic devices. The restaurants and shops around Aukio sell a wide variety of souvenirs, snacks and meals.

You can read more about Aukio’s services here.

Aukio is open to all passengers departing the Non-Schengen area.