Hot and cold drinking water

Fill your water bottle for free at Helsinki Airport

Did you know that you can fill your water bottle for free at the airport? Helsinki Airport has many cold water supply points that you can use to fill your bottle with fresh drinking water. In addition, in the gate area 37–60, you can find water dispensers that dispense both hot and cold water.

There are water supply points in Helsinki Airport’s departures hall, arrivals hall and gate area. The water supply points are mainly located near the entrances to the toilets. In the gate area 1–36, the water supply point is located near the security control, next to the Transfer Service point. The water dispensers at gates 43–45 and 54 are located in the gate waiting areas.

Check the locations of the water supply points from the map below.

You can also find the nearest water supply point and other services on the terminal’s digital map.

Map of water supply points in Helsinki Airport