The large-scale Skydreamer sculpture by Finnish interior design architect and sculptor Stefan Lindfors is located by the entrance road leading to Helsinki Airport. It is an airport landmark that can be seen from afar as the passengers are departing and arriving. Finavia ordered the artwork to celebrate the centenary of Finland’s independence.

Lindfors’s 16-metre-tall sculpture moves in the wind like a giant weather vane. The sculpture is made of stainless steel, and its massive sail not only works as its source of energy but also as a big screen. The projectors attached to the creature’s wings reflect messages for guests arriving at the airport.

According to Lindfors, the work of art is a flying fantasy that will eternally and unpredictably keep on moving above us, fuelled by the wind. The winged sculpture resembles a bird, which is a symbol of aviation and communication bringing together different nations. It is especially well suited for the airport, especially now that Helsinki Airport is renewing and expanding ( through Finavia’s significant development programme.

The Skydreamer sculpture as the symbol of the airport is a continuum for Finavia’s Art Port concept that aims at offering passengers new and surprising services. Airport experiences are a great way of standing out among other possible international transfer airports. Art also has a positive effect on passengers’ satisfaction, which is why it also forms a part of developing Finavia’s customer experience.

The name of the artwork, Skydreamer, was found through an open competition. The winning suggestion was made by Ulla Madetoja from Vantaa.

The airport also has another work of art by Stefan Lindfors, Concorde. In addition, he has also designed the Aviator Solaris sculpture at Vaasa Airport.