Flying high to the ceiling in the south pier’s area for long-haul flights is a sculpture resembling a dragonfly, made of stainless steel and fibreglass.

Artist Stefan Lindfors’s Concorde was revealed to the public in January 1993 in connection with the inauguration of the domestic terminal. Since then, the location of the artwork has changed, and it is now in the new south pier.

Concorde belongs to Finavia’s art collection, making it part of Finavia’s Art Port concept that aims at offering passengers new and surprising services. Airport experiences are a great way of standing out among other possible international transfer airports. Art also has a positive effect on passengers’ satisfaction, which is why it also forms a part of developing Finavia’s customer experience.

Lindfors has also designed another sculpture located at Helsinki Airport, Skydreamer.

Born in Mariehamn in 1962, Lindfors is known in Finland and abroad for his diverse work in the fields of art and design. Lindfors has also designed the impressive Aviator Solaris artwork at Vaasa Airport.