VIP Services

Hosting venues for demanding use – for state visits and large groups, up to one hundred people

Many companies organise their senior management meetings and receive foreign visitors in our facilities. VIP Services, located in connection with the business flights terminal, also caters for private parties to which the lights of the airport provide a unique atmosphere.

You will have a festive lobby, meeting room, resting room, private room and two lounges for 5–15 people at your disposal. Own entrance and exit, press conference room and parking spot for a private plan will increase the comfort and smoothness of travel. The premises are finished with Finnish streamlined design.

We can pick you up at the gate and take you to the gate, in addition to which we have two VIP reception services available. Our professionally skilled multilingual VIP coordinators will take care of the comfort of your guests and take care of all airport formalities on your behalf, such as check-ins and luggage.