Take a piece of Finland with you abroad. Our product range includes delicacy products, tableware and souvenirs.

A great way to discover different cultures is through food. Often, you can learn more about a country from its dishes than by visiting a museum... At the FineFood delicatessen, travellers can marvel at the most delicious delicacies from all corners of the world. You will find an extensive, meticulously assembled assortment of local specialties as well as surprising international delicacies much-loved throughout the world.

At the FineFood shop, you can take a piece of Finland with you abroad. Here you can find high-quality salmon. And cheese and chocolate in many forms. And... free samples are available! There are also regular taste-testing sessions, so you can try the delicacies before you buy.

You can also find here the most beautiful souvenirs. This is part of the FineFood store.


The SVNRS shop gives you the perfect opportunity to buy authentic Finnish souvenirs that remind you of this beautiful country.

Products from Arabia glass and Moomin are souvenirs that genuinely present Finland. A genuine Lappish reindeer hide is also an impressive and valued present. Our product range also includes smaller souvenirs, such as T-shirts, key chains and magnets.

The SVNRS shop is part of the FineFood store at gate 29.

Shopping opportunities for those travelling to destinations in Finland and abroad as well as arriving passengers.