Applying for general aviator access rights to Finavia airports

Finavia has a mobile telephone subscription-based access control system for general aviators, which facilitates and controls general aviator access to Finavia airports.

The system is operated via mobile telephones and is available at the airports in: Ivalo, Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Kajaani, Kemi-Tornio, Kittilä, Kokkola-Pietarsaari, Kuopio, Kuusamo, Maarianhamina, Oulu, Pori, Rovaniemi, Savonlinna, Tampere-Pirkkala, Turku and Vaasa.

General aviators must apply for access rights to the doors/gates meant for them. The general aviators are registered in the system once the rights have been granted. After the registration, general aviators can open the door/gate by using their personal, registered mobile telephone to call the number specified on the door/gate. No one will answer: instead, the door/gate will open if the mobile telephone is registered in the system and has access rights to the door/gate. With the same application, general aviators can apply for access to all general aviator doors of Finavia airports that use the system. Calls and registration are free of charge.

The electronic form is also used for access right applications by the authorities (when necessary) and by general aviators who are not club members.

General aviator registration

The applicable EU regulation 2015/1998 dictates that access rights to the airport area may only be granted to persons when well justified, and that access to the airport area shall be monitored and the airport operator shall maintain a list of those who have been granted access rights to the airport area.

Justified reasons for registration:

  • valid pilot's licence
  • aviation school student, requires certificate issued by aviation school/teacher
  • parachutist, requires parachute club membership
  • aircraft mechanic
  • hangar, which is located in the airport area and for which there is a valid lease agreement
  • other, separately justified reason, subject to written grounds; the ultimate decision on the matter will be made by Finavia Safety&Compliance.

Use the web form to apply for access rights. Registration is subject to signing a separate consent form (PDF). By signing the consent, the undersigned is committed to abiding by the system’s terms and conditions. Print out the consent form, sign it, scan it and attach it to your access right application. Name the consent file as “lastname_firstname_consent.pdf”.

In the case of misuse, Finavia is entitled to cancel the access rights.


  • Access rights are always personal.
  • Registration is subject to filling out the consent form.
  • Access rights can be obtained for more than one airport at a time.
  • If the airport has a vehicle gate for general aviators, obtaining access rights to it requires a valid vehicle permit to the airport.

Access rights are valid for five years at a time.