Lentoaseman parkkialueille ajetaan sisäänajotien vasenta kaistaa pitkin.

Access and location of Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport locates in Vantaa, about 20 kilometres from the centre of Helsinki. Follow the road signs to get to the airport.

Train, buses and taxis


Hotel shuttle buses

Instructions and address for car navigator

  • give the address Parkkikuja or Parkkitie (Vantaa)
  • or enter "Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasema" or "Helsinki Airport"

These will take you to the spot on the airport access road where you can decide whether to continue to the terminals (T1 and T2 signs) or to the parking areas (P signs).

Returning your rental car

Return your rental car to parking area P3. See contact information for car rentals.

Driving instructions and map to Helsinki Airport

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Route instructions