MyFlight service

The MyFlight service makes the journey from home to the gate smoother. Finavia's MyFlight service provides you with personalised information so that you can board your flight from Helsinki Airport even more easily.

What gate does my flight leave from and how far is it to my gate? What shops and restaurants are there along the way? What should I take into account before travelling? Finavia’s MyFlight service will provide you with the best tips for travelling via Helsinki Airport.

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What does the MyFlight service offer?

As a user of the MyFlight service, you will receive a wide range of information about your departure and airport services at different stages of your journey. You can subscribe to the service to receive it by email on the Helsinki Airport departures page. When subscribing to the service, you can tell us about your interests, in which case MyFlight will be tailored just for you. 

Once the subscription has been confirmed, you will receive useful information about your flight by email. MyFlight gives you access to things such as a checklist for air passengers, an airport map and potentially valuable benefits. 

Once the departure gate is known, you will get more information about your journey at the airport, such as an estimate of how far you will need to walk at the airport. In addition, you will receive information about services, such as shops and restaurants, located along your route at the airport. The recommended services will be more relevant to you if you tell us about your interests when subscribing to the service.

When boarding is about to begin, you will receive a separate notification and can proceed to the departure gate.

If there is a change in the departure gate or time, you will receive a separate notification.

How do I subscribe to the MyFlight service?

You can subscribe to the service on the Helsinki Airport departures page. Find your flight from the list, select "Updates" and subscribe to the service by entering your email address. You can subscribe to the service if the flight’s departure is at least two hours away.

Please note that you will need to confirm your subscription by clicking on the confirmation link in the first email.

You can learn more about the collection and processing of personal data in the MyFlight privacy statement (PDF)

Who can use the MyFlight service?

The MyFlight service is designed for departing passengers at Helsinki Airport, and a valid email address is required to use it.

Is the MyFlight service only available at Helsinki Airport?

Currently, the MyFlight service is only available at Helsinki Airport. 

Where can I get help with using the service? 

If you have any questions about using the service, please contact Finavia’s customer service.