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Finavia's online service to go through a complete redesign beginning 2 July

Article published
4.7.2013 at 11:45
Finavia's websites – both and – will be completely redesigned in terms of functionality and appearance.The website has been designed for use with any terminal device: a smart phone, a tablet, or a desktop computer.The separate mobile site will be discontinued.Another significant improvement on the website is the redesign of the navigation functions.

Passengers and other people visiting our airports will soon be able to enjoy a unique type of service. They can first select the airport for which they want to view information on services, flights, or travel instructions. They can then access all the essential information concerning that airport on a single page – whether they are departing, arriving, or picking up or dropping off passengers.

The purpose of the redesign is to make the website quicker to navigate, offer more focused information, and in general, to improve the service provided to the visitors.

What is the easiest way to find information on flights and services?

By entering the flight number (e.g. AY123) or the flight destination (e.g. Paris), you can access important information on the schedule, gate details, and other travel instructions for the flight. The My flight service displays the information that best applies to you.

If you are looking for information on a single matter, e.g. packing instructions, it is advisable to use the site search function. It is available in the right-hand top corner of the front page. Traditional navigation functions are available in the footer area at the bottom of the page.

Where can I find the flight information?

While information on departures and arrivals will not appear on the front page in the future, it will remain easily accessible in Finavia's online service. The easiest way to access flight information is to select the airport for which you want to view the information. The links to departures and arrivals are located at the bottom of the airport's home page.

If you need to access flight information frequently, it is advisable to add the page to your browser's bookmark/favourites list.

Information for business customers and aviators is available in the Finavia's Services section

For information on Finavia's operations, the use of airspace, C services, matters concerning flight obstacles, business premises available for rent, etc. please navigate to the Finavia's Services section. For the pages under this section, the navigation functions will remain almost identical to the current ones.