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Winter Favourites: A Beloved Fashion Friend And Foe

Article published
2.9.2013 at 05:39

It's known as a knitted cap or hat, beanie, stocking cap, tuque, or toque, or referred to by its materials or decorations – a woollen hat or bobble hat. It can be knitted, crocheted, or sewn. There is one to suit all weather and every style.

In Finland, we talk about the pipo, and people with especially sensitive ears often wear these for a good half of the year, from late autumn to the spring, even in the southern parts of the country. Who cares about one's hairdo, as long as the head stays warm and comfortable? Finnish schools have ended up keeping an eye on the trends and tend to alternate between requiring a hat to be worn outside and having a rule of 'no hat inside'. Indeed, wearing a pipo is as much a statement as not wearing one.

Do you have yours yet?



Fight the chill in luxury! The Norton knit hat (99.90 EUR), a creation of ARG Airport Fashion, is embellished with raccoon fur and Swarovski crystals.
ARG Airport Fashion
GATES 13–14 AND 32–40 (LONG HAUL)



Perfect as a souvenir or gift, a Suomi (Finland) knit hat is both head- and heart-warming. You can get that blue-and-white Finland feeling in a sporty way by choosing a hat and scarf combo (15.90 EUR), or in a slightly more subtle mode with Robin Ruth's hat (12.90 EUR).
Stockmann Shop


A soft Moomin hat (15.90 EUR) is a perfect choice for the little ones, available in many colours and patterns.
Moomin Shop
GATES 26–27


If a knit hat isn't your thing, you can just wrap a warm scarf around your neck and head. The Ril's silk and wool scarf (69.00 EUR) is available in a wide range of colours.
Luhta Shop Airport

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Text: Terhi Kivikoski-Hannula
Photos: Jari Härkönen