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About an hour gets you from Helsinki Airport to Lapland's ski resorts

Article published
14.11.2014 at 07:00
Person skiing down slopes.
In Lapland, the skiing season runs from November to late spring, but downhill and cross‑country skiing are far from the only activities on offer. How about a cruise on an ice‑breaker?

Lapland is easily accessed by air from Helsinki Airport. Reaching one of the northern airports won't take much more than an hour. All of Finavia's Lapland airports (in Enontekiö, Ivalo, Kemi-Tornio, Kittilä, Kuusamo, and Rovaniemi) offer great connections to ski resorts and other destinations.


Beloved of nature enthusiasts and families with children, Salla is tucked in amidst the most beautiful nature in Lapland. Ruka is an international-quality skiing centre with a wide variety of slopes and services.

It takes 1 hour 40 minutes to fly from Helsinki Airport to Kuusamo.The drive to Ruka is 27 km, and Salla is 115 km from the airport.


Saariselkä, with its two fells, is the northernmost ski centre in Finland.The rolling fells and national parks enchant cross-country skiers with their impressive scenery.

The flight from Helsinki Airport to Ivalo takes 1 hour 30 minutes, and the drive from the airport to Saariselkä is 30 km.


Finland's longest skiing runs are in Ylläs, which boasts over 60 slopes. Its most scenic setting and the atmosphere of the fells make this an attractive destination for cross-county skiers too.

Levi is known for great services for families with kids and for its lively nightlife. This is also where Finland's only World Cup race event takes place.

Olos is renowned for its striking nature, and the slopes and services are within convenient reach of each other.

The flight from Helsinki Airport takes 1 hour 30 minutes, and the distance from the Kittilä airport to Levi is 14 km, to Ylläs 45 km, and to Olos 83 km.


Pyhä has much to offer anybody, and its demanding slopes pose a challenge for even the most experienced skiers.Its location beside a national park provides an excellent opportunity for exploring nature.

Suomu is known for its great slope profiles and protected runs.

You can always find true atmosphere and slopes suitable for skiers of all ages in Luosto.

Did you know that the only real Santa lives in Rovaniemi? You can meet him at Santa Claus Village or SantaPark.

It takes 1 hour 20 minutes to fly from Helsinki Airport to Rovaniemi. From there, the drive to Pyhä is 128 km, to Suomu 124 km, and to Luosto 110 km.


Kemi's number-one attraction is the world's biggest 'snow castle', available also for wedding services. The symbol of the city, the ice-breaker Sampo, offers cruises of the northern seas in winter. Those with enough courage can take a dip in the icy water while snug in a warm rescue suit!

It takes 1 hour 35 minutes to fly from Helsinki Airport to Kemi-Tornio.


From Enontekiö, you can organise a trip to Kilpisjärvi, the northern 'arm' of Finland, where dozens of the country's highest fells tower over the Arctic landscape. Hetta Hiihtomaa, a small ski resort favoured particularly by families, is only 12 km from the airport.

There are several charter flights to Enontekiö from the UK every winter season.

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