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Around Helsinki: Moscow, Bangkok, Lapland, The Canary Islands and Dubai

Article published
2.1.2014 at 10:25


Moscow: a square that is red and beautiful

The Russian word 'krasnaja' means 'red', but it also used to mean 'beautiful', which is how this famous Moscow square got its name (Krasnaja Ploštšad). It is the centre of Moscow in more ways than one. Perhaps the most visible of these is in its location: many streets radiate from here, turning into highways as one travels further outward – indeed, Moscow can justifiably be called the centre of the entire country. Red Square's most beautiful view must be that of Saint Basil's Cathedral, with its colourful spiral domes, while some find that its most interesting place to visit is Lenin's mausoleum, where his embalmed body remains on public display.

From Helsinki Airport to Moscow, several flights daily (Finnair and Aeroflot Russian Airlines)


Lapland: where time is measured in terms of seasons

People in Lapland divide their year into eight seasons, which can be roughly termed Frosty Winter (late winter), Crusty Snow (spring), Departure of Ice (early summer), Midnight Sun (high summer), Harvest Season (late summer), Colourful Autumn (the autumn), First Snow (early winter), and Christmastime (deep winter). We are now entering the deep winter, with its virtually continuous twilight or even darkness that culminates in the year's most festive celebration, Christmas.

From Helsinki Airport to six airports in Finnish Lapland, several flights daily (Finnair, Norwegian, and Flybe)



Bangkok: fascinating poisons

Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute is the world's oldest snake farm. Tourists are welcome to admire the snakes and to learn more about them, but the institute also conducts research and manufactures antivenoms: a bite from most venomous snakes can only be cured with a treatment product (called antivenom or antivenin) created from the same snake's venom. The farm's residents include thousands of the most venomous snakes in the world, such as the handsome king cobra, which can grow to some 5.5 metres in length and rise as high as a fully grown human when preparing to strike!

From Helsinki Airport to Bangkok, daily flights (Finnair)



The Canary Islands: the world's best climate

Refreshing trade winds and balmy warmth brought by the Gulf Stream explain some of the islands' attraction: the weather is always sunny and summery in the Canaries. The days here are full of sunshine, skies are blue, and the temperature remains around 20° Celsius in both summer and winter.

From Helsinki Airport to Canary Islands airports, several flights weekly (Norwegian and TUIfly)


Dubai: a festival that dares you to shop till you drop

Dubai is usually described with superlatives, and its shopping opportunities certainly are worthy of such terms: they truly are among the best in the world. In January, Dubai celebrates a month-long shopping festival. Participating in the event are dozens of shopping centres and thousands of individual shops, some of which go as far as offering 75% discounts!

From Helsinki Airport to Dubai, several flights weekly (Finnair)

Text: Tiia Soininen