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Autumn checklist for hunters and hikers

Article published
23.8.2018 at 09:00
A person hiking in Lapland.
Finavia has created an autumn checklist for passengers. It contains packing instructions for weapons, cartridges, camping stoves and matches. For security reasons, the air transportation of these objects has been restricted.

Guns and ammunition

Ammunition and weapon transport is subject to a permit granted by the airline. The most suitable course of action is to notify our operators of your transportation needs when you book your trip.

Ammunition packing instructions

Ammunition must be transported in the cargo hold. The presence of ammunition in the passenger compartments or in hand baggage is prohibited. No more than five kilos of ammunition per passenger is allowed. Only category 1.4S (UN code UN0012 or UN0014) ammunition is permitted on passenger flights.

It is best to pack ammunition in special cartridge boxes to prevent the ammunition from excessive movement and chafing during transport. The original packaging of the ammunition is often too flimsy. They must be reinforced by, for example, wrapping them with tape. In this case, the package markings must be left visible.

Ammunition must not be packed in an ammunition belt that does not have covers or flaps designed to prevent single cartridges from falling loose. Ammunition must not be packed in a magazine, gun bag or holster.

If you have only one piece of hold baggage, correctly packed ammunition can be placed into the same bag with the weapon.

Cartridges that contain explosive or igniting bullets are strictly prohibited on board.

Weapon transportation instructions

Guns must be transported in the cargo hold. Guns must be unloaded and packed in a robust case or a dedicated gun bag. It has to be clearly visible that the gun is unloaded. Ammunition need to be packed separately with the gun.

Camping stoves

Carefully drain the fuel out of the stove and clean the stove so that the fuel core is dry and empty. Leave the core open for a while to make sure all residual fuel is gone.
Pack the fuel core in a tight package and place it together with the stove into the luggage going into the hold.

Flammable liquids and gases (gas fuel bottles) are not permitted on board at all.

Tinderboxes, matches and cigarette lighters

Each passenger is allowed to take on board one matchbox or one small-sized regular cigarette lighter or one lighter designed for lighting cigars, e.g. a jet flame lighter and pocket torch. Keep these in your pocket. Do not pack them into your hand luggage or luggage going into the cargo hold. Note that a pocket torch must not contain unabsorbed liquid fuel.

Tinderboxes must be packed in luggage going into the hold. Protect the tinderbox so that it is not able to create a spark (keep the parts separated).

The following are strictly prohibited: extremely flammable 'strike anywhere' matches, lighters containing unabsorbed liquid fuel (other than LPG), lighter fluid and spare tanks.


Pack your knives, pocketknives, universal tools and other sharp items into luggage going into the cargo hold.


Power banks, i.e. backup power sources for mobile phones and laptops, are welcome on board in hand baggage.

Fishing and sports equipment, frying pans

It is recommended that the following items are packed into luggage going into the cargo hold:

  • Fishing gear and lure hooks. Lures with a hook shorter than six (6) cm can be taken to the cabin.
  • Sports equipment such as walking poles (for Nordic walking) and climbing equipment.
  • Frying pans, pots and other cooking equipment.

Shaving equipment is allowed in hand luggage and in the cargo hold. Only plastic shaving razors with a fixed blade are permitted in hand luggage.

Aerosols such as shaving cream and hairspray are only permitted in hand luggage in containers less than 100 ml in capacity. Larger containers must be transported in the cargo hold.

Aerosol containers larger than 500 ml are not permitted on board. The total permitted volume of aerosol packages is 2,000 ml. Make sure that the aerosol bottle is intact and has a top to protect the nozzle against unintended discharge.

Toothpaste, shampoo, washing liquids, roll-on deodorants, creams, gels and other liquids in containers of less than 100 ml are permitted in hand luggage. Larger containers must be transported in the cargo hold.

When carrying aerosols and other liquids in containers of less than 100 ml in your hand luggage, pack the items in transparent and resealable one-litre bags.

What to bring on a flight?

Using our search service, you can check the relevant packing instructions for products, substances and objects.

The information in this article has been compiled based on the Finnish Transport Safety Agency website. Original article published on Finavia Newsroom 11 September 2014.