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Finavia Group's interim report for January-June 2014

Press release
Article published
27.8.2014 at 07:22
An aerial image of Helsinki-Vantaa airport.
January–June 2014 in brief
  • International transit travel via Helsinki continued to increase
  • Positive trend in domestic travel
  • Turnover remained at the previous year's level
  • Operating result excluding non-recurring items improved in comparison to the previous year
  • Passenger services' turnover declined due to a change in the business model and consumers' cautious purchasing behaviour
  • Development and investment programmes were launched at Helsinki Airport and network airports

The Group's key indicators

Kari Savolainen, CEO:

"The market situation of services that Finavia provides for air traffic has remained two-sided. The demand has especially been increased by a rapid increase in passenger volumes, particularly in international transit traffic. The demand is still rather low in relation to domestic traffic. However, in the early part of the year, passenger volumes have started to increase after some weak years through the good progress on some routes. Despite the increase in passenger volumes, the number of aircraft visiting Finavia airports decreased in the early part of the year.

Finavia has successfully improved the efficiency of the basic business. The continuous renewal of operating methods and strict cost control have made the group more effective in recent years and have taken us one step towards being an even better service company.

The demand and offering variation in air traffic is continuous, so we have invested in making our operations flexible and effective. For us to remain competitive, we must adjust to the rapidly changing market situation.

Finavia's strategy relies on increasing the volume of international traffic transit travel. The main goal of the on-going development programme is to further secure our strong competitive position, especially in relation to the growing levels of transit traffic between Europe and Asia.

As a result of the recent increase in operational efficiency , we currentlyhave good preconditions for taking the next step in the area of international competition and further develop Helsinki Airport as a leading transit airport. Our goal is that more and more passenger select Helsinki Airport as the transit airport of choice when buying their flights.

Finavia is closely monitoring the development of the air traffic operating environment. We believe that the growth of transit traffic will continue in the future, and Finland has a good opportunity to get a fair share of that growth. However, our assessment is that possible changes in the international political climate, such as the economic sanctions between EU and Russia, may have at least a short-term impact on the development of transit traffic and on Finavia's turnover and result.                      

Finavia's interim report, January-June 2014