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Finavia updates passenger services at Kuopio Airport

Press release
Article published
13.5.2014 at 06:00
An aerial image of Kuopio airport.
Passenger services at Kuopio Airport will improve. As part of Finavia's updates, a totally updated sales outlet will be opened at the airport on Tuesday, 13 May. The outlet will provide café services and souvenirs. A new thing is that from now on, the café will also serve passengers in the gate area after security check.

"Passengers have requested a café in the airport's waiting area, and this will now be fulfilled as part of the Finavia airport development programme. In a long time, this is the most significant update implemented directly for passengers at the terminal. I am confident that this will have a positive impact on passenger satisfaction in regard to the airport's services. It is important to us that passengers enjoy the service and feel good when waiting for their flight", says Raija Niskanen, Kuopio Airport Manager at Finavia.

Kanresta takes care of airport café operations before and after security check.

In addition to great coffee, the café serves many kinds of snacks. The café's selection also includes souvenirs and perfumes, for example.

"The new café also takes the local aspect into account. The specialty is that now Kuopio Airport will start selling kalakukko which customers can buy for their trip or as a gift, for example" says Antti Rosenberg, managing director of Kanresta.

The café's interior decoration is close to nature. The interior decoration aims for a summer atmosphere on the shore.

"In the summer and the rest of the year, we will make the terminal even more comfortable with different interior decoration solutions. We will improve the look of the terminal's indoor facilities, which promotes the significance of the airport as opening the gate to the province for air passengers. Kuopio Airport functions well and serves current traffic well. By updating the airport's interior decoration, we can take the airport's service experience to a new level during the rest of the year", says Niskanen.

Kuopio Airport provides almost ten Finnair flights to Helsinki per day. The airport also had good connections to holiday resorts. For holiday flights, please contact the Lomamatkat travel agency.

In 2013, the number of passengers at Kuopio Airport was 261,000. The airport is owned and operated by Finavia which also has 24 other airports in its network.