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The Fly Inn Restaurant & Deli’s HelsinkiMenu takes your taste buds on a trip around Åland

Article published
27.6.2014 at 11:36
A restaurant at airport.
Helsinki Airport's Fly Inn Restaurant & Deli is offering diners the chance to enjoy its Åland inspired HelsinkiMenu, available for diners to enjoy until the end of August. The menu, a strong performer in this year's HelsinkiMenu competition, uses a range of ecological ingredients to deliver authentic archipelago flavours to the restaurant’s diners.

The HelsinkiMenu, part of the Taste of Finland concept, inspires restaurants to create menus that are characteristic of their restaurant’s particular cities or provinces, and to pay particular attention to seasonal goods delivered with a unique local flavour. Fly Inn Restaurant & Deli's Åland inspired HelsinkiMenu placed in the top four of HelsinkiMenus at the start of the year. The jury described the ingredients as epitomising the best of Åland, and of being an exceptionally good match with the season.

The summer is about locally caught fish, Highland meat produce and archipelago honey

Fly Inn Restaurant & Deli's HelsinkiMenu has been created by chef Piia Järvenmäki. Appetisers include potato fajitas, cold-smoked pike and charcoal grilled Åland char accompanied organic vegetables drizzled with a warm vinaigrette of archipelago honey. For the main course you can choose between grilled Highland beef and slow cooked ribs glazed in archipelago honey. Dessert is a mouth-watering fried rhubarb and chocolate ganache accompanied by honey-milk ice cream.

The Highland beef is sourced from the Åland-based Ulfsby Gård farm, a family owned business that has been in operation for over 300 years. These low-fat, delicious cuts are infused with a distinct flavour as a result of the livestock’s diet, which includes the local wild grasses that grow in Åland's mineral-rich soil. Ulfsby Gård believes in the production of natural, high-quality food and only employs the most ecological and ethically minded production methods.

The Åland inspired HelsinkiMenu is availalble at the Fly Inn Restaurant & Deli until 31 August 2014.

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