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Happening at Ivalo Airport: terminal expansion continues and runway will be renovated during the summer

Press release
Article published
7.7.2014 at 05:23
The front of airport at Ivalo.
The extensive expansion and renovation work started by Finavia in May has progressed as planned. The terminal expansion work will take place over the summer period, and a three-week runway renovation project will be completed in August. In order to ensure smooth travel, all flights will operate out of Kittilä Airport during the renovation. Finavia has arranged free bus transport between Ivalo and Kittilä and visa versa for all passengers.

Finavia's most significant network airport investment of the year is progressing according to schedule. Land construction work at the Ivalo airport traffic area has already shown good progress and the terminal expansion work is well underway. The expansion work will continue all through the summer. In addition, the runway, taxiways and apron level will be repaved in August.

“We want to participate in the promotion of tourism in Lapland. The renovation work ensures that we are prepared for increasing air traffic volume and can further improve the overall travelling experience,” says Martti Oinas, regional manager for Lapland at Finavia. “Even though the renovation will require some temporary arrangements, we will do all we can to ensure that travel for our passengers will remain as easy and as comfortable as possible.”

The terminal expansion is scheduled to be completed during the spring of 2015. After this, the renovation of the current terminal will begin. The aim is to complete all terminal work by the end of 2015.

Airport is closed 4–24 August – bus transport to Kittilä for passengers

In order to maintain air traffic safety, the runway, taxiways and apron level will be repaved in August. Ivalo airport will be closed during the repaving work between 4–24 August. The airport will reopen to passengers on Monday 25 August.

Whilst the airport is closed, all flights will operate out of Kittilä Airport. Finavia will arrange free bus transport between Ivalo and Kittilä and visa versa for all passengers. There is no need to get a separate ticket for the bus –a flight ticket for the day between Helsinki and Kittilä or Kittilä and Helsinki will be sufficient.

From Ivalo to Kittilä: The bus will leave from Ivalo Airport 5 hours and 15 minutes before the plane is scheduled to leave Kittilä. The bus will arrive at Kittilä Airport one hour before the departure of the flight. Kittilä has flight connections to Helsinki.

From Kittilä to Ivalo: The bus from Kittilä Airport will leave to Ivalo Airport once all passengers and luggage from the flight have been loaded.

The buses will stop at Hotel Riekonlinna, Hotel Tunturi and Holiday Club at Saariselkä. It is also possible to catch the bus from the Kakslauttanen bus stop on road 4. You may also get on or off in Sodankylä. The bus will stop in Kiilopää, if needed. People wishing to embark in Kiilopää have to notify the reception of their hotel the day before departure.

The total duration of the bus trip is approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes. A 15-minute break will be held both ways at the Neste service station in Sodankylä, where you can stretch your legs, go to toilet or buy refreshments. The buses are operated by Lapin Tunturiliikenne Oy.

Renovation work part of Finavia's extensive development programme

In addition to Ivalo Airport, Finavia will make investments in its airport network this year in Tampere, Turku and Rovaniemi. Moreover, several airports will implement smaller changes to improve overall comfort and service selection. This year, about EUR 35 million will be invested in network airports. Ivalo's share of this total amount is EUR 13.5 million.

Finavia apologises for any possible inconvenience caused to passengers and its cooperation partners by the renovation.

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