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Helsinki Airport stores and restaurants renewal

Article published
17.3.2014 at 13:51
Passengers at airport shopping area.
In the spring and summer, the store facilities of Helsinki Airport will undergo a complete transformation. Something new is in the air as passengers will be provided with lots of wonderful surprises and world-class shopping experiences.

Finavia's Deputy Director Jukka Isomäki explains how the commercial changes are taking place.

- Last year, Helsinki Airport had 15 million passengers. In only five years, the number of passengers will reach almost 20 million, according to a forecast. We need to prepare for that, he says.

The airport will have even more passengers and they will have more and more varying expectations of the airport's services. At the same time, the level of expectation is only increasing. The service selection must be adjusted to the change.

As the business facility lease agreements are about to expire, Finavia is investigating whether new kinds of products are needed instead, or a totally new kind of service, or whether to continue the existing approach.

Based on competitive tendering and negotiations, a company will be selected which most comprehensively meets the specified goals for serving customers and ensuring the passenger experience.

- Based on tendering, either the existing operator or a new one will be selected. The airport is a commercial location and we operate in the same way as any shopping centre, says Isomäki.

Isomäki estimates that the number of services is increasing. The more passengers the airport has, the higher the number of staff required to produce different services.

According to one international indicator, the airport needs one thousand employees per million passengers. At the moment, Helsinki Airport has 15,000 employees. By 2020, the airport is expected to have about 20,000 employees.

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