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Helsinki Airport unveiled its new-look meeting facilities in August

Article published
26.10.2014 at 07:00
A congress center at Helsinki Airport.
Helsinki Airport's meeting centre [email protected] Airport is composed of 10 easily modifiable rooms.

The centre's services have been revised in line with customers' wishes.

These rooms are often hired for press conferences, briefings, and training events. They can also be booked for evening occasions, for which the unique airport atmosphere is a defining feature.

'Our Pohjanmaa, or Ostrobothnia, room is particularly well-liked, because its view of the runways always infuse any party with an aviation vibe. And the reception area is perfect for even the most festive dinner buffets,' explains Päivi Liesko, Congress and VIP Supervisor for SSP Finland.

The meeting packages have a flexible pricing structure, the most economical option being EUR 180 for three hours.

Meeting lunches include an ample salad buffet and two hot main-course options, followed, of course, by a dessert. The lunch is served in the new, handsome dining room on the centre's ground floor.

A convenient location, at the airport itself, saves both time and money – after all, efficient use of time and quick transfers to flights are key for many meeting-organisers.

Also, [email protected] Airport offers flexible opening hours.

The services available to meeting customers are under continuous development. For example, the centre's VIP service includes handling check-in during meetings.

A tip for couples planning their honeymoon

The airport's VIP facilities are right next to the congress centre.

The full VIP package for departing passengers includes coffee and refreshments, collection of passengers from their cars, and handling the check-in for them. These passengers are also escorted through the security check and, if necessary, offered private border-control checks.