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Helsinki Airport's air traffic areas to be repaired in the 2014 summer season

Article published
10.4.2014 at 19:22
Renovation and construction will take place in the air traffic areas of Helsinki Airport in the 2014 summer season. The changes will have some impact on aircraft noise in the neighbouring area.
Helsinki Airport's air traffic areas to be repaired in the 2014 summer season

De-icing areas will be built and taxiways will be coated during the 2014 summer season. This translates into changes to aircraft routes from April to June.

As Runway 2 will remain closed from 14 April to 13 June, 6 a.m. – 11 p.m., more aircraft noise will be experienced in the Kerava direction during western and southwestern winds. There will be less noise in the Nurmijärvi direction.

At night (11 p.m. – 6 p.m.), traffic will be as usual.

Helsinki Airport and noise monitoring service

Development programme launched at beginning of year

In early 2014, Finavia launched a development programme at Helsinki Airport with the aim of maintaining good flight connections in Finland and to improve Helsinki Airport's position in the increasingly competitive competition.

The development programme reaching up to 2020 focuses in increasing travel capacity and improving the traffic infrastructure.

In addition to the renovation of the air traffic areas, the extent of check-in automation will be increased at the terminal in the next few months, the security check process will get faster, and the shop and restaurant services will be renewed.

Through the programme, the airport prepares to serve 20 million passengers within six years.

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