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LED lighting at car park bringing savings of 85%

Article published
11.11.2014 at 11:25
Multiple of cars parked in a lit parking hall.
Lighting at Helsinki Airport car park P5 improved and energy consumption decreased by 85% when 2,100 old light fixtures were replaced with Philips LED lighting.

The 44,790 square metres and seven floors of car park P5 are now better illuminated and more energy-efficient. The investment will also significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Finavia replaced all 80 watt mercury vapour lamps with new Pacific LED lighting, which is controlled by means of motion sensors. The lighting is dimmed or switched off automatically when there is no movement at the car park.

Finnish companies now realise the benefits of LED lighting

Because of energy savings and the long life of LEDs, the cost of replacing lighting can be recouped in about three years. Switching to LEDs is economically sound and many Finnish companies have discovered the benefits of energy-efficient lighting.

According to Jani Suojanen, Key Account Manager at Philips, there is growing demand for LED solutions. Companies now understand better how they can save energy, reduce maintenance costs and cut emissions.

- The energy-efficiency directive of the EU also puts pressure on companies as energy-inefficient lighting sources may not be sold after 2015. As the contract for Helsinki Airport car park shows, many companies already want to invest in the lighting technology of the future, explains Suojanen.

Source: Philips media release 6 November 2014


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