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A major airshow to be organised at Helsinki-Malmi Airport in August

Article published
7.8.2014 at 21:00
Small aircrafts and a flight control tower at Malmi airport.
Finland's largest aviation and entertainment event returns to Helsinki-Malmi Airport after five years. Finland International Airshow offers entertainment for the whole family on 16–17 August 2014.

The event's highlights include breathtaking aerobatic displays and plane rides offered to the public. Visitors have a unique opportunity to take rides on a passenger plane, helicopters and hot air balloons.

The ground display presents a wide variety of airplanes, helicopters and other avionics, as well as simulators and wind tunnels.

The event's performers include a number of Finnish top artists, such as Eppu Normaali, JVG and Anna Abreu. Entertainment for children is offered by Tivoli Sariola.

Last time the event was organised in August 2009 under the name of Helsinki International Airshow. Then, the event attracted 72,000 people, and a similar crowd is expected this year. The event will be one of the largest public events this summer.

Information about the programme and tickets is available on the Finland International Airshow website and Facebook page.

Finland International Airshow website