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More flights to Moscow, starting from April

Article published
2.4.2014 at 10:38
People at underground train station in Moscow.
S7 will commence flights from Domodedovo Airport in Moscow to Helsinki on 26 April, which will further strengthen the position of Helsinki Airport as an international transit airport. At the same time, the Russian connections of Finnish and European passengers will further improve.

S7 is a member of the Oneworld alliance, and this also provides Russian passengers with a comprehensive route network via Helsinki to destinations all around the world.

- Russians are frequent travellers, and Helsinki is a popular foreign destination from Moscow. So far, the number of flight connections has not matched the demand, says S7's strategy director Vadim Besperstov.

Besperstov's personal favourites in Russia are Moscow, Kazan and Sochi.

- In Moscow, you can combine culture and entertainment in your trip. Moscow provides you with the best theatres in Russia, such as the Bolshoi. Its nightlife is one of the most active in Europe.

Besperstov says that Kazan is an interesting, historic destination with a magnificent, fortified city centre. Sochi has a lot to see and experience in both summer and winter. Thanks to the Olympics, the city now has well-functioning infrastructure.

Several flights between Moscow and Helsinki every day

S7 provides daily connections between Moscow and Helsinki. Arrival in Helsinki is at 12:05 pm and departure back to Moscow is at 12:45 pm. S7 provides connections via Terminal 2 at Helsinki Airport. Flight tickets are now available for sale on the company's website.

Aeroflot and Finnair already provide connections to Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow.

Previously, the air traffic contract between Finland and Russia only enabled operations by one airline from both countries on the Moscow route. The updating of the agreement in late October made it possible for a new airline to enter the market.

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