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A new landing in international arrivals – the Two Tigers restaurant

Article published
10.11.2014 at 07:00
Two Tiger's restaurant worker putting sushi serving on a display.
You can now enjoy freshly made sushi, noodle soups, and other Asian delicacies at the airport.

The recently opened Two Tigers Sushi and Noodles restaurant is a hit especially among Asian passengers. No wonder, as roughly half of its employees hail from Asia.

If you're passing Gate 33, in the non-Schengen area, why not have some fresh sushi, a delicious noodle soup, or a fragrant curry, or, if you're just a little peckish, opt for tempura or other tasty snacks? Top it off with green tea, sake, or wine.

As it is usually, Two Tigers is full of Asian-food-lovers this afternoon. It's nearly impossible not to stop at this inviting restaurant with its serene Eastern feel and interiors with wooden furnishings: the mouth-watering aromas carry all the way to the other end of the non-Schengen area.

'We want to offer our customers authentic, efficient, and top-quality experiences while they pass through our airport. So far, we haven't had any fresh sushi on offer, and noodle soups likewise were on our customers' wish list. Clearly, we can say that this restaurant fills a real need,' says Juha Räsänen, Operations Manager for HMSHost Finland.

HMSHost runs another restaurant under this name, in Bali.

Mohamed Ismail, a kitchen manager at Two Tigers, arrived in Finland from Egypt nine years ago.

The best of Asian cuisine

Both the location of this 60-seat restaurant and its concept have been designed with attention to Asian travellers in particular. Plenty of Asian flights use nearby gates, and the menu features the best of Asian cuisine.

Two Tigers can be said to be 'nearly part of a chain': HMSHost runs a restaurant under the same name in Bali.

Assistant kitchen manager Mohamed Ismail points to noodle soups and sushi as the most popular choices, and the California set has proved to be a particular hit.

He also reveals his own favourites: 'I like sushi, especially the "grilled set" with lightly grilled fish. Korean noodle soup is another favourite of mine, and this is connected to the best customer feedback I've received so far: a Korean customer said it was just as good as back home.'

Two Tigers has attracted more customers than expected, and the feedback has been positive without exception.

'Asian customers appreciate familiar dishes, and our authentic feel, sushi freshly prepared on-site, and unique noodle soups seem to go down well with other passengers too,' says Ismail.