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Travelling to Ivalo in August 2014? Check the route changes here

Article published
14.4.2014 at 07:43
The front of airport at Ivalo.
Ivalo Airport will remain closed 4–24 August due to runway renovation. During that time, passengers will be transported by bus from Ivalo to Kittilä and Kittilä to Ivalo.

The bus ride takes about three hours and 15 minutes. The bus passes through Sodankylä.

From Kittilä to Ivalo

At Kittilä Airport, the bus will wait for the flight to arrive and will leave for Ivalo once the passengers are in the bus. Passengers do not need a separate bus ticket; they only need to show their flight ticket to Kittilä. The bus ride is paid for by Finavia.

From Ivalo to Kittilä

The bus from Ivalo Airport to Kittilä always leaves about 4 hours and 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. The schedule accounts for the minimum check-in time defined by the airline.

We apologise for any inconvenience the renovation may cause to passengers and partners. The purpose of the renovation is to maintain flight safety.

Ivalo Airport development 2014–2015