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10 technical reasons to travel via Helsinki Airport

Article published
24.6.2015 at 06:00
Our airport is a pioneer in the adoption of electronic services in Europe. Try out these 10 digital services. 

1) Use the unlimited WiFi connection

This fast (100 Mb/s), free, and easy-to-use wireless Internet connection does not require any IDs or passwords.

2) Charge devices easily and work in peace

Suvanto cubicles have visual and hearing protection, electrical outlets, and a tabletop. Work and relax in peace. The cubicles are located at gates 16, 19, and 37.

If your phone is equipped with a wireless Qi charging function, place the phone directly on top of the charging spot marked with an X. For other phones you can connect a PowerKiss Ring that you can borrow or purchase from café and restaurant employees.

Wireless phone charging spots are located at gate 14 (Seasons restaurant), 24 (café Alvar A), 26 (café Tori), 27 (Fly Inn restaurant), and Finnair lounges.

3) See the website and an app for information about timetables and flight gates

Our intelligent website gives you continuously updated information about timetables and gates, as well as services and offers located close to your departure gate. In the evening and at night you can check on services that are open at that moment.

The website can be used with a smartphone, tablet, and desktop computer. You can also obtain the information from our mobile application, which can be downloaded for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

 Are you going on a flight? Find your flight here and see detailed information.

4) Helsinki Airport’s mobile application on the Apple Watch

Helsinki Airport is among the first providers to offer an application for the Apple Watch. The application uses notifications, so information that a gate is about to open, for instance, appears on the watch display and can be seen with just one glance.

5) Reserve a parking space online in advance

At the same time, you can verify parking prices, availability of parking spots, and payment methods. More info on our parking website.

6) Quickly through passport control

A passport machine gets you through passport control in a few minutes. The machine can be used by citizens of EU countries, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Japan. Also, when leaving the country, citizens of South Korea, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand can pass through the machine.

7) Digital ticket inspection 

When you head for security control, scan your ticket or boarding pass with the machine reader before entering security control. The machine reads the flight information from the bar code and lets the passenger through to security control. At the departure gate you can board the plane by passing through the e-gate.

Ticket inspection machines are in test use at some security checkpoints and departure gates, but the plan is to expand e-gate services this year.

8) Bag drop machines facilitate departures

After you have checked in and received baggage tags from the airport’s check-in machine, you can take your luggage to the bag drop machine, scan it, and send it to the plane’s cargo hold via the belt. Leaving on a journey is easier when you proceed according to your own timetable.

How to use the machines

9) High-tech parking

Car park P1 has four recharging stations for electric cars near the terminal entrance.

LED light fixtures have been installed in car park P5 which are controlled by motion sensors. Lighting is automatically dimmed or switched off when there is no movement in the car park.

10) Indoor tracking of passenger flows

We will be the first airport in the world to utilise indoor tracking based on WiFi signals in the monitoring of passenger flows. This helps us find bottlenecks in security control or shops, for example, and improve our services.

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