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Aviapolis rises next to Helsinki Airport

Article published
26.1.2015 at 14:54
At the moment, the Aviapolis train station is nearly in the middle of nowhere, but in a few years' time, the surroundings will be buzzing with life.

The first excavators have already plunged their buckets into the soil, and the office building, constructed by Skanska, is gradually starting to take shape next to the northern station. Next door, there will be a new hotel with restaurants.

“This way, the first block will be completed simultaneously with the hotel opening in autumn 2016,” says Juha Jaakola, Director Project Development of Lentoasemakiinteistöt Oyj (LAK).

LAK is Finavia's real estate company.

Apartments and services for thousands

Aviapolis Station has been ready for quite some time, and it is awaiting for the train traffic of the Ring Rail Line that opens in summer 2015. The plan includes building apartments near the station for about 2,000 people, and the creation of an estimated 15,000 jobs, possibly even more.

There will also be all the necessary services, such as a grocery shop. Most of the apartments near Aviapolis Station will be small in size, and they are likely to interest particularly people looking for a second home, the Airport personnel, and single-person households. The city plan will place family homes a little further away, and there will be apartments for thousands of people in the area around the station.

“In future, this will be a versatile business and residential area,” Jaakola points out.

Train and Airport attract companies

The planning process for the southern part of Aviapolis Station is starting to be ready, and the city plan should be finalized in early autumn 2015. The southern part will consist of dwellings and a local service centre.

“We hope that it would include, for example, a grocery shop, a pharmacy, an off-licence, a flower shop, and sports facilities, so that it serves the residents and employees in the region. The area will not compete with the nearby Jumbo Mall, by any means,” Jaakola emphasizes.
Jaakola estimates the area will be finalized within 10–15 years, depending on developments in the economy.

“Being located near the Airport helps.”

“Developers are interested in the area. It will be on top of the train station, and the location is good. This is much easier to reach than the Helsinki city centre. Being located near the Airport helps, but the majority of companies will come here because of the train connection,” Jaakola says.

The Aviapolis area will affect an extensive area, and the station will serve, for example, people who live in Kartanonkoski and Pakkala. The plan is to build good pedestrian connections to the station also across Ring Road III.

The Finnish Aviation Museum will also remain in the area, and the train connection will make it even easier to visit the museum.

Train coming to Helsinki Airport


  • Versatile business and residential area next to Helsinki Airport
  • Excellent traffic connections thanks to the bus terminal and the Ring Rail Line opening summer 2015: 25 minutes to Helsinki and 2 minutes to Helsinki Airport
  • Apartments for about 2,000 people near the station
  • New apartments for about 15,000 people in Aviapolis Station area
  • Jobs for about 15,000 people
  • First buildings ready in 2016
  • Project estimated to be finalized within 10–15 years