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Changes to airport bus routes as of 10 August

Article published
24.4.2015 at 06:31
The train connection that opened in July will affect the bus routes to Helsinki Airport. The changes will become effective on 10 August 2015 as the autumn timetable starts.

The opening of the Ring Rail Line will be linked with the bus network reform. Bus timetables and route numbers will change significantly. In addition, some of the bus routes reaching the airport will be closed down altogether.

The main transport route between the airport and the centre of Helsinki and Tikkurila will be the train.
The train and bus timetables from the Helsinki metropolitan area to the airport can be found on the HSL web pages.

Special arrangements on the train connection

The terminal entrance of the Helsinki Airport train station has not been completed yet. Therefore, special arrangements are in place.

During the temporary arrangements, HSL will transport customers by bus free of charge to terminals 1 and 2 from the Helsinki-Vantaa train station’s Tietotie entrance. The bus will operate every five minutes from 6 am to 11 pm and every ten minutes at other times.

The platform is located by the front doors of the train station. From the terminals to the train station the busses depart from platform 25 (T2) and platform 12 (T1).

The bus transportation will slightly increase the travel time and, therefore, we ask customers to reserve enough time when travelling to the airport.

When the direct connection from the train to the terminal is completed, travelling to the airport will become easier.

Location of the train station on a map

Buses also operate between the centre of Helsinki and the airport

The airport route 615 operates between Helsinki railway station and the airport 24 hours a day. As the autumn timetable becomes effective, the busses will operate significantly less frequently. The bus will drive by Kartanonkoski resulting in a longer route.

Finnair’s airport bus from Helsinki railway station’s Elielinaukio to the airport will continue as before.

Driving instructions and connections to Helsinki Airport

Bus stops: Terminal 1
Bus stops: Terminal 2