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Check out the first destinations of the new Airbus 350

15.10.2015 at 06:00
The first destination of Finnair's new A350 is Shanghai. The best time to visit this interesting metropolis is late October-early November.

Shanghai is China's - and, depending on how it's calculated, even the world's - biggest city, and there seems to be no end to its growth. At the moment, its inhabitants amount to all of 24 million.

Despite the size, it is easy to explore the city by foot. Shanghai's impressive skyscrapers tower over the city but the streets are the best way to get in touch with its rich history.

Shanghai is a unique amalgamation of east and west, of the traditional and modern.

The observation deck of Shanghai World Financial Centre offers great views and a gives you good idea of the scale of the city, at roughly 500 metres above ground level. It is open until 11 pm and the last entrance is at 10 pm.

The symbol of Shanghai: The Bund

On the shore of the Huangpu River, The Bund is a stunning monument to the golden era of colonialism. The buildings of the area, one more magnificent than the other, represent nearly all western architectural styles all the way up to art deco. Most have been restored to their former glory.

Another area reminiscent of the region's colonial history is French Concession, with hundreds of European-style villas, most now housing charming cafés and small shops.

At The Bund, you can find a boat and take a cruise on the Huangpu River. In fact, every trip to Shanghai should include a boat trip.

The western shore of the river, Puxi, is the centre of culture and entertainment venues, and also home to all of the major tourist attractions.  The eastern shore, Pudong, is Shanghai's financial and business centre. Dazzling neon light displays illuminate the shores on late-night cruises.

The Bund is also the centre of night-life. Fancy clubs line the streets and many offer great views across the river. At Fairmont Peace Hotel's Jazz Club, you feel like you stepped into the city's golden era, around the 1920-30s.

How about some hairy crab on the menu?

Shanghai is a shopping paradise. Silk and designer clothes are inexpensive, and many like to have a new suit or party gown made to order. Nanjing Road is the city's biggest and best-known shopping street.

The traditional Yu Yuan market, next to the park with the same name, is favoured by the locals too. Walking around the ancient buildings feels like being transported a hundred years back in time.

Shanghai cuisine is the youngest of China's ten regional cuisines, known for full rich flavours and long stewing times.

Sweet and sour is the typical taste of Shanghai cuisine. The menu features plenty of fish and seafood. Shanghai's specialty is da zha xie, a hairy crab, at its best in the late autumn.

Finnair's first long-haul flight with the new extrawide body aeroplane will take place on 21 November, to Shanghai, of course. After that, you can fly daily to Shanghai from Helsinki Airport on the A350. The flight time is 9 to 10.5 hours, and it won't take to get from Pudong airport to the centre of Shanghai on the Maglev train, with the top speed of 431 km/h.

Finnair has ordered 19 Airbus A350 XWB aeroplanes for delivery between 2015 and 2023. A350's next long haul destinations are Beijing, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Other than these, Finnair is taking one new A350 to New York.

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