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Current travel trends

Article published
8.5.2015 at 06:00
Woman cooking in a vietnamese street food kitchen.
Holidays are often considered the ideal time for exercise and well-being. The general interest towards all things culinary has increased, thanks to various cookery programmes.

People often ask about different sports opportunities. I often recommend cycling, as that is one of the best ways to get to know an area. Diving and hiking always remain popular.

Wellness trips are a strong trend right now, and hotel spas are highly sought after. On holidays, many want to do things for which normal daily life leaves no time.

Culinary activities are another big hit at the moment. For example, tours around Italy are in demand, as every region has its own rich cuisine there.

Spring and winter destinations

Interest in trips to Cuba has been increasing steadily. Old Havana is like a huge outdoor museum, where you can take a step into history. The '50s feeling is emphasised by colourful American cars dotting the streets.

Personally, I find the positivity and spontaneity of the Cubans downright confusing, in the face of their harsh living conditions and even poverty. We Europeans, so used to having much more, have a lot to learn from them.

The same applies to another one of my favourites, Vietnam, where people are friendly, cheerful, and charming in their interest toward tourists.

The most attractive feature of Vietnam is its authenticity. The tunnels of Củ Chi built by Viet Cong soldiers and the war museum in Saigon really make you stop and think. The infrastructure and services of the country are developing at a fast pace, but prices are still very affordable.

As a summer destination, I'd point out Greece and its numerous high-quality hotels. The economic crisis is not a problem; on the contrary, many small, family-run hotels serve tourists even better than before, as they are so vital to their survival.

Likewise, Turkey is economical and has plenty of holiday apartments on offer. It has seen a new rise in popularity as a family destination.

One rising favourite is Croatia. Its sceneries are incredible, the contrast between the rocky mountains and turquoise Mediterranean Sea is striking, and the beaches have some of the cleanest waters in Europe.

Convenient and safe

Convenience is the main advantage of package tours. The demands of a busy work life mean that many appreciate ease and safety for their time off. There is no need to spend time investigating the conditions and connections at the destination, as you can always rely on the guide, who is very familiar with the local area.

These days more and more people want to tailor their trips to their personal tastes. Extra services and hotel room upgrades are requested often, and travellers are not averse to paying extra for more comfort. Another new popular trend is to split the holiday time between two destinations.

Wishing you inspiring travels!

Photo: iStockphoto