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The extension of the car park P5 proceeding: 3,000 new parking spaces under construction at Helsinki Airport

Article published
4.6.2015 at 09:35
Finavia is conducting an extensive development programme at Helsinki Airport, with which the airport prepares to serve 20 million passengers per year in 2020. The extension of the car park P5 is a EUR 40 million investment, which will ensure a good level of service as passenger volumes grow.

By autumn 2016, P5 will have 3,000 new parking spaces. Two storeys will be added to the existing car park, and an extension with eight storeys will be built in connection with the building. The total capacity of P5 will increase to 4,500 spaces.

Temporary driving arrangements around P5

The construction work is extensive, and there are some temporary driving arrangements at the site. Drivers are asked to lower their speed and be careful since there are workers and large vehicles near the entrance and exit of the car park.

The car park will be expanded southwards. The planning focuses on it being functional and customer-friendly.

“Throughout the project, we try to ensure that the construction work causes as little disturbance to the passengers and employees at Helsinki Airport as possible. The site of the 18-month project will change continuously, but the car park will continue to serve the customers during the entire extension project as smoothly as possible,” says P5's project manager Esa-Pekka Timonen at Finavia.

Customers can also use car parks P1, P2 and P3, which are located close to Terminal 2. Please check possible changes to driving instructions to the airport and the car parks on Finavia's website.

This is how the extension project is proceeding

According to Timonen, the extension work that started at the end of November/beginning of December 2014 has commenced effectively and is proceeding according to schedule. Adding two storeys to the car park building P5 started during the winter, and extensive quarrying has been carried out for the new extension.

“During the summer, work will continue for adding the storeys, and the construction stage of the frame of the extension will begin. The extent of the entire project can be seen at the latest when the extension reaches its rooftop height in early 2016,” Timonen says.

The extension of P5 employs more than a hundred people

The site currently employs about 90 workers and clerical employees. Additionally, the extension project involves designers and supervisors, which adds another 15–20 people to the number of people working with the project.

Energy-efficient lighting

Energy-efficiency has been taken into account in the lighting of the car park, which nearly exclusively uses LED lights. The concrete-structured P5 is an unheated car park, and with the exception of the lifts, staircases and certain technical spaces, there is no need to heat the building. The entire extended car park P5 will be open for parking in summer 2016.

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