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Finavia builds new home nest for Finnish Border Guard helicopters

Article published
7.7.2015 at 09:09
An illustrative image of a helicopter base.
Finavia Corporation will begin the construction of a helicopter base at Helsinki Airport in autumn 2015. The Finnish Border Guard is scheduled to transfer some of its operations to the new base in autumn 2016.

The helicopter base will be located by Runway 2 at Tullimiehentie 16, near the cargo company terminals. Preparatory work has already taken place in the area, and the actual construction of the base will commence later in the autumn.

Once completed, the base will comprise some 6,000 square metres. The building is planned to house facilities for the helicopters, a maintenance hall and office space. An area for the take-off and landing of aircraft will be constructed in the vicinity of the base.

The impending transfer of the Finnish Border Guard’s helicopter operations from the Helsinki-Malmi Airport to the new base was prompted by the State of Finland’s decision to withdraw its presence and operations from the former site by the end of 2016. The lease agreement between Finavia and the Finnish Border Guard will be made for 20 years.

Finavia will ensure that the Finnish Border Guard’s helicopter operations will not cause any problems for commercial air traffic. Particular attention has been paid to this matter in the planning and design phase. Any non-urgent helicopter flights will be directed eastwards or southwards, taking into account other air traffic and the locations of populated areas.