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Finavia will employ dozens of summer trainees this summer

Article published
18.5.2015 at 10:42
A man throws a paper plane.
During spring, Finavia advertised for summer assistants for a variety of tasks at airports and in group operations.

The airport is an interesting place to work, and Finavia received a total of 800 applications for over 30 positions. The summer assistants have now been mostly selected, and the ones who were chosen have been informed. 

“The airport is a unique place to work, and it has not lost its appeal. Regardless of the challenges in air traffic and the steady decline in domestic passenger volumes, Finavia wants to bear its responsibility towards young people and offer them valuable work experience. A summer job opens doors to working life, and both parties can learn from the experience,” says Finavia's Director of Administration and Personnel, Kaarina Soikkanen.

Finavia has been offering summer assistant positions to young people in various airport operations for several summers.

Air traffic will also provide employment in the future, and the sector needs talented new employees. The estimated increase in passenger volume to 20 million is expected to bring approximately 5,000 new permanent jobs to the Helsinki Airport area.

The ongoing service reform will create at least an estimated 200 new jobs in Finland. In the future, there will also be demand for experts in various digital services.

Regional airports in particular require multitalented people who are able to do different types of jobs, from security checks to maintenance. The tasks often include also readiness for fire and rescue services, which requires a good physical condition.

For all the positions, Finavia appreciates a customer service attitude and a willingness to ensure that passengers enjoy a smooth flight.

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