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Finnish delicacies and souvenirs now available at World of Delights shops

Article published
27.7.2015 at 06:00
The FineFood shops found at many major airports have reached Helsinki Airport. Here, you can pick up both international and local delicacies along your way.

Helsinki Airport’s FineFood shops can be found at Gates 19 and 29. The third one will open this autumn in the area for long-haul flights, near Gates 32–38. Open from 5am to late at night, these shops sell both foods and souvenirs.

The World of Delights brand, founded in 1958, has Dutch origins. It is renowned for an extremely polished shop concept and innovativeness, Visiting a FineFood shop is always a memorable experience.

Finnish fish products, berries, and speciality cheeses

Helsinki Airport's shops feature top delicacies from Finland and abroad.

The cold- and warm-smoked salmon products are sure to make the mouth water. They are from internationally recognised Ekström, a third-generation family business from Hanko, the southernmost tip of Finland. These fisherman produce all their fish products via old, traditional methods. The salmon is smoked by hand with sea salt and genuine alder logs.

This summer, you can buy tasty cold-smoked salmon for the special price of 10 euros for 200 g.

Valio's Polar cheese is a unique combination of Emmental- and Gouda-type flavours, a fine slice of pure Nordic taste. The cheese comes from milk produced by small family farms all over Finland. In June and July, FineFood shops are selling two Polar cheese packets for 10 euros.

Dried berries from Finland represent the best of superfoods. The Moomin product range features both dried blueberries and lingonberries, and Pentik marmalades and jellies bring rich cranberry, blackcurrant, and sea buckthorn.

Chocolate, salty liquorice, or Moomin biscuits, anyone?

And, of course, FineFood shops carry Fazer products. The classic chocolate Fazerin Sininen is available in new mouth-watering flavours, not to mention the ever-scrumptious nutty chocolate Wienernougat.

One of the most popular gifts from Finland is salty liquorice, from mild to strong.

After Fazer's Moomin biscuits are eaten, the charming metal boxes remain. In June–July, you can get two boxes for a special price (just 15 euros), so why not treat both yourself and someone else?

The souvenir selection offers both traditional Finnish gifts and new Nordic design items.

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