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Five facts about A350

23.9.2015 at 06:00
Helsinki Airport will be the first European home airport of Airbus A350 wide-body aircraft. Finnair's new aircraft will provide more passenger comfort and advanced technology.
  1. A350 aircraft are ecological. The fuel efficiency of A350 aircraft is 25% higher than older aircraft. The aircraft also cause less noise and consume less energy.

  2. Cabin air is changed every two to three minutes thanks to a new ventilation method. Air management is draught-free and cabin pressure is higher than before. Air temperature can be adjusted to be different in different areas of the aircraft.

  3. Light now enters the cabin better through large panorama windows. Light settings can be adjusted gradually by time of day with energy-efficient atmospheric LED lights.

  4. Seats in business class can be fully reclined for sleeping and all seats have direct aisle access. Business class has Wi-Fi. The seats located in the front section of Economy class have 10 centimetres more leg room. All seats have 11-inch touch screens.

  5. Main destinations of Finnair's A350 aircraft fly from Helsinki Airport are Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Helsinki Airport prepared well in advance for the A350 aircraft. The only changes that were required was the renovation of two old passenger bridges.

If you would like to fly on one of these modern wide-body aircraft, please use the search service to look up the schedules for the rest of the year.

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