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Get to a city and beach with one flight: Split

Article published
17.7.2015 at 06:00
Marina of Split, Croatia
Split, Croatia, offers the best of both a city break and a beach holiday. You can get there via direct flight from Helsinki Airport five times a week.

The city of Split has a rich history, and its waters are among the cleanest in Europe. What better way is there to experience both some city life and beach fun in one go?

The old town has plenty to see from many centuries. The vast palace compound built by Emperor Diocletian in the 300s covers much of the old town, and it is one of the most magnificently preserved buildings hailing from the Roman Empire era.

The bell tower of the palace’s cathedral – should you dare to make the climb – offers incredible views over the city.  

Another attraction worth a mention is the statue of bishop Gregory of Nin, or Grgur Ninski, a religious leader from the 1100s. The left toe of the statue is made of pure gold, and rubbing it is believed to bring good luck.

Go for the ‘catch of the day’

The old town abounds with crafts workshops, each more charming than the last, and inviting restaurants. The coastal cuisine is rich and Mediterranean, featuring a multitude of herbs.

The best option at the numerous seafood restaurants is usually the ‘catch of the day’. You could also visit the famous vegetarian restaurant, Makrovega (Lestina 2).

An after-dinner walk along with the locals and other tourists on the waterfront boulevard Riva is another nice experience.

For finer shops, head to the shopping street Marmontova, where you can also find a pharmacy dating back to 1856 – Varoš.  The same area is also home to a fish market, much beloved by locals.

The Bačvice beach is located within the city area. You can often follow a game of Pincigin on this shallow but gradually deepening beach.

Conquer the hills on an electric bike

The beautiful surroundings of Split invite you to come explore. Marjan’s park area is covered with pines, and makes an excellent destination close to the city.

The peninsula has beautiful small, sandy beaches, and the hills are easy to handle if you hire a Segway, an electric two-wheeled vehicle.

Likewise, the islands and idyllic small towns near the city are interesting places to visit. The harbour of Split offers easy access to the islands of Hvar, Vis, Korčula, and Brač, for instance, or all the way to Italy. 

If you want to go inland, the ruins of the Roman city Salona and the Klis fortress are a must.

Helsinki Airport provides several direct flights to Split: Finnair runs two flights a week up to the beginning of October, and Norwegian three flights a week up to 24 October 2015.

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