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GoSleep pods now at gates 31 and 37

Article published
1.6.2015 at 06:21
Sleeping capsules in a row.
The restful and quiet GoSleep relaxation area guarantees a perfect moment of rest at gate 31. Near gate 37 the service can be tested free of charge. Helsinki Airport is the first airport in Europe to add GoSleep pods to its service selection.

GoSleep pods entered Helsinki Airport in February 2015. After a few months of testing the service has now been relocated to new areas near gates 31 and 37.

GoSleep relaxation area is located at gate 31. The restful and quiet location and available pillows and blankets offer a perfect moment for relaxation. The service can now be tested for a discount price 5€/hour.

GoSleep pods can be tested free of charge at gate 37.

What sleeping pod?

GoSleep pod is a Finnish innovation where passengers can rest safe from bypassers and airport noise in the middle of the hectic airport.

Hand luggage can be conveniently stoved away under the seat and a cover pulled up to isolate you from light and noise. The seat has a power point for charging your phone or laptop, so its also convenient for working.

Helsinki Airport is the first airport in Europe to offer GoSleep pods to its passengers. This strengthens its position as one of the most sleep-friendly airports. In 2014, chose Helsinki Airport as the third most sleep-friendly airport in the world.

GoSleep: location and opening hours (gate 31)

GoSleep: location and opening hours (gate 37)