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Have an adventure on a safari

Article published
25.6.2015 at 06:00
In the African savanna you really feel as though you are in the middle of wild nature. You will certainly remember the trip your entire life.

The fascination of a safari is that you can stay outdoors in nature, from morning to evening. The journey provides an exciting, beautiful, and exotic experience. You are guaranteed to forget the mundane.

The classic destinations include Kenya and Tanzania. In these countries everything works well, as they have decades of experience, accommodation is impeccable, and you will definitely see animals. Many people aim the sights of their cameras at “the big five”: lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and buffalos.

If I were a first-timer, I might pick Kenya, where the safaris are a little lighter. People go to natural parks in Tanzania to marvel at the migration of enormous herds of animals, and driving takes all day.

Mountain gorillas and jaguars

There are certainly interesting destinations for experienced safari-goers, such as Uganda, with its mountain gorillas, Zambia, or Malawi, where I have glided on a small boat along a river in the jungle, with crocodiles and hippos opening their jaws almost within striking distance.

In South Africa many people combine a safari with a beach holiday, visits to vineyards and much more. Even Kenya has Mombasa, and Tanzania has the island of Zanzibar. One interesting and new nature destination is Madagascar.

Safari trips are arranged outside of Africa too. In the Pantanal wetlands in Brazil you can see jaguars, as well as other animals.

Many possible times of the year

Most people head for a safari from Finland in the autumn or spring. The best moment depends on the destination and the kinds of animals you want to see.

I would not go on a safari with very small children; perhaps children over 10 years of age get the most out of it and also remember the trip. Many grandparents who are in good physical condition take their grandchildren on a safari.

A safari is exciting but not excessively so. As far as the travellers are concerned, not even the smallest of risks is taken. The accommodation locations are carefully guarded, and the guides know how to act with wild animals and natural circumstances.

Of course, when travelling to distant countries you must remember many precautions, such as medication to prevent malaria and the necessary vaccinations. Comfortable shoes that have been well broken in are essential.

If you go there once, you’ll want to return

I guess safaris are a little like Lapland madness: once you have been there, you’ll want to go back. Africa is an enormous continent that offers places that would take at least one lifetime to visit.

The fascination only opens up on the spot. Many people who have been on a safari say that they start saving for the next trip immediately after returning home.

Photo: iStockphoto