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Helsinki Airport runway renovation meets schedule

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Article published
2.8.2015 at 10:00
The renovation of Runway 1 is now complete and the runway will be reintroduced. The opening ceremony took place on Sunday, 2 August 2015

The renovation, which took about three months, was completed on Sunday, 2 August, as planned.

"The runway renovation project exactly met the schedule and the plans. The schedule was intense and challenging, but our contractors performed the work very well indeed", says Heini Noronen-Juhola, Vice President of Helsinki Airport at Finavia.

Launched in May, the renovation comprised two stages. The crossing of Runways 1 and 2 was renewed the first, which meant that Runway 2 also was in limited use. The second stage of the renovation was launched in the beginning of July, and since then, it has been possible to use Runway 2 at full capacity.

"Even though we successfully performed air traffic operations in the summer, it is marvellous that we once again can continue the operations at full runway capacity", says Ms. Noronen-Juhola.

A total of 35 hectares, 135,000 metric tons of tarmac and 55 km of cable

The runway renovation site covered an area of almost 35 hectares.

The work involved milling almost 100,000 metric tons of pavement. More than 135,000 metric tons of tarmac was laid. A total of 55 km of cable and almost 2,000 lights were installed during the project.

"The primary goal of the investment of about €18 million was to ensure safe air traffic of a high quality. Our mission is to support the growth of Finnish air traffic by providing it with safe, well-functioning and progressive resources", says Ms. Noronen-Juhola.

Runway 1 was reintroduced in the afternoon of 2 August.

In the morning of that day, Finavia celebrated the renovation completion in an opening ceremony where residents of the airport's neighbouring areas, Finavia's social media followers, and other stakeholders got to see the renovated runway up close.

Focus on 2020

The runway renovation supports Finavia's ongoing development programme for Helsinki Airport. The programme of about €900 will increase the international air traffic capacity of the airport and prepare the airport to serve 20 million customers per year in 2020.

Finavia has also upgraded the commercial range of the airport. Almost 70 new or updated shops and restaurants have opened at the airport in the last 12 months.

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