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Helsinki Airport’s future is in the hands of a large group of experts

Article published
13.2.2015 at 07:00
International airports are constantly undergoing changes: new terminals are being built and old ones renovated. The same applies to Helsinki Airport.

Airport design work is an on-going project. Helsinki Airport is getting ready for increased volumes of air traffic.

It’s always busy behind the scenes, and Finavia currently has extensive planning projects underway.

‘At the moment, we are planning large extensions for the western side of the current terminal. Our main aim is to increase the number of aircraft stands to grow our transfer traffic capacity. This enables us to handle more aeroplanes that stop in Helsinki on their way to Asia, in particular’, explains architect Tuomas Silvennoinen, the head designer.

Efficient use of land

General planning is in progress all the time. It is about planning land use, just as councils and cities do when implementing town plan changes and other designs.

‘The airport is a complex unit under continuous development. This requires continuous planning, which is why we have many engineers and other experts at Finavia’, says project manager Martti Nurminen.

Goals set for years from now

At the moment Finavia is planning a terminal extension to be inaugurated in 2020. The project needs to take into account several aspects: architectural details, use of power and water, and everything related to the operation of aircraft.

‘If we create more aircraft stands, we also need to add to our terminal space. The biggest challenge is to come up with outstanding solutions enabling us to offer our passengers an excellent experience. And what’s more, we must do all this speedily’, Silvennoinen points out.

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