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How can you recognise dangerous objects and substances?

27.8.2015 at 06:00
You should always carefully check the regulations regarding the transport and packing of tools and any longer objects well before you travel.

All tools and sports equipment should be packed with the checked-in baggage, along with objects like bigger scissors, knives, bottle openers, and metallic knitting needles.

However, you are allowed to carry small nail scissors – with blades no longer than 6 cm – and wooden or plastic knitting needles in your hand baggage.

'Some countries forbid all blades in the cabin, regardless of their length, but country-specific rules should always be checked before travelling', points out Special Adviser Arja Pulliainen from the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi..

Always read product labels and warnings

You shouldn't even consider transporting highly flammable, toxic, or corrosive substances such as fuel, paints, lighter fluids, or fireworks.

If a product package comes with warnings, the product shouldn't be taken on an aeroplane at all.

Special limitations for lighters

You can carry one box of matches or one lighter in your pocket or handbag on board, as these items should not be packed with your hand baggage or checked bags.

'The term “cigarette lighter” means small standard lighters sold in shops and supermarkets. Lighters meant for cigars, so-called torch lighters or pocket torches, are not allowed on aeroplanes', Pulliainen specifies. 

The purpose of limitations regarding baggage allowed on flights is to prevent any and all voluntary or involuntary damage. 

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